Beauti Express

Beauti Express, North Carolina, is one of the best professionals in the United States. Offering the services of Microblading, Micropowder, and Microshadow. She Studied at the best academies in USA, several courses here in the United States, Artist Pribrows (the largest Micropigmentation academy in the world). Bhavi works with eyebrows for over 13 years and 12 years with Micropigmentation.

She has one of the most requested Micropigmentation techniques in his studio including full certification for students every year. Professionalism and care are his trademarks. Visit us today at our studio located in Houston, Texas. Bhavi is the official professional with hundreds of satisfied clients and celebrities

Our Services

Top Services Provided in Studio by The Artist of Professionals. Beauti Express Studio offers a wide range of services including.

For you who have medium or quite a lot of hair on your eyebrow this is the ideal technique for you

For you who have no hair or have very little, this is the ideal technique for you.

Best option for Microblading and powder look!

With the lip micropigmentation technique, you can have the color you want on your lips.

If you would love to wake up in make-up ready, Eyeliner is the best option.

Before & After

Check some of our latest works. We are so happy for every single smile =)


Quality and Customer Service

The facilities of our studio offer the highest comfort and quality for the service of our customers.

Bhavi always keep the customer in first place supporting and helping everyone in every step of your beauty journey. Our high-tech equipment and combined with the experience of The Artist, we offer the guarantee of an excellent experience.